Kathleen H. Taylor

First, we need to send birthday wishes out to Drew Stone and Ethan Taylor. Drew is Ethan's cousin from Davisville. I am so glad they are not far apart in age and have similar interests. Drew has been really good to Ethan and I appreciate it so much. Thanks Drew!

Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? Anyone have a tradition, such as proper holiday bashing of a family member? We didn't have near the traditional amount. I had spent weeks preparing to be the designated bashee. To my surprise, I only received a small dose. Maybe it was because only one of my brothers was there. If you get them both together, you can count on some serious holiday humiliation.

They are the tag team that every baby sister fears. But, I survived with only a little harassment about my cell phone ignorance from my sister. This year I got to give a little back to her (a moment I have been anticipating for approximately 30 something years). After the comments were made about my cell confusion, I thought to myself, "Let the games begin." I said, "Well, now, Mrs. Responsibility, at least I can keep mine for more than a week." It seems she has lost her share of phones in the last few months.

The Tell-All Company must be cashing in on her new phone purchases. This might be the time to look into buying stock with the company. Although the small payback was glorious, I wouldn't trade my sister for the world. She's great and I am so honored to be her sister. If anyone asks her if she's my sister, she would probably say, "What did she do first?" I'm kidding, she is great.

Junior has had a temporary halt put on his home dialysis. I was all ready to be his trusty assistant too. It seems he needs some more consultation with some physicians. So, I guess we will be prepared when the time comes to do it.

Grandpa Junior and his partner in crime, Ethan, took in a day of hunting and story swapping. Ethan claims he shot a deer but it appeared the deer got the winning hand and survived. However, the story gets bigger and more exciting every time he tells it.

Apparently, Betty Baker has declared Christmas light war on Beason. She has already decked the halls. I am pretty certain you could safely land a plane in her driveway. With that in mind, I am letting you know I am turning Ethan loose with lights on the next nice day. He will have the place looking better and tackier than Vegas. All we will need is an Elvis impersonator. Ethan already has the costume, perhaps he would like to accept that employment rather that continue his regular job as Mr. Get-The-Cows-Out-Of-My-Yard. I could understand if he wanted to make a better career move.

Brian persuaded a doe with an offering of a large sum of acorns to lure a 6 point buck to stand within firing range. The only thing I can think of is Mr. Buck might've had a wandering eye that determined his fate. Brian says this deer hunting business is all a game of skill. But, according to those lower on the food chain, they tell me different. Who do you believe?

Have a great week.