By Alvin Engelke
By Alvin Engelke

It's that time of year again namely firearms deer season. Roads have been hot with FWD trucks, four wheelers, trucks pulling trailers loaded with four wheelers and hunting gear, etc. Traffic was so heavy on the Ann's Run road Sunday that there was almost a nasty wreck at the mouth of Pete's Run. For the non-natives Pete's Run was named for Revolutionary War patriot Peter McCune and Ann was one of his wives. Peter McCune has numerous descendants in the area.

Deer are thick this year and seem to be sleek and fat although some fear eating them this season because of the deer disease that spread to cattle.

Years back one hunted deer when snow was on the ground but this season the leaves are still falling. In fact in some places last week was the peak for fall colors. The Annamoriah Cowpoke noted that he wished he had fetched along his camera to record the beauty.

Speaking of the Cowpoke he has been visiting area relatives & friends including his brother who is in a Spencer rest home. He commented on Annamoriah's newest business venture, Sanford & Son, with Junior Wilson as Sanford and Preston Ball as Lamont. The Cowpoke noted that he kept abreast of what is going on by reading the Creston news. He presently operates heavy equipment in North Carolina. He is in the area looking for trophy antlers.

David & Peggy Tenbarge have returned home after visiting daughter & grandson in Texas. They had driven a truck down there for them.

Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell and Mr. & Mrs. Denver McFarland motored to Florida to pick up a motor home that the Ferrells had purchased. They reported having a very pleasant journey.

Zella Ferrell, age 91, passed away. She was Albert Ferrell's second wife. His first wife, the former Violet Wix, burned up in a fire many years ago.

Anna Engelke, Paul Geibler, Joel Hartshorn and friend Sarah attended an Eagles football game.

Fred Bish and Morris Tanner were among those calling on Rodney Lynch.

It has been suggested that those who are providing items for the Christmas treat bags bring their items to the December auction which will be December 1. For details on the Christmas party/meal one can call Connie Boggs at 275-3519, Rosie White at 275-0962 or Jackie Blair at 354-0392. The annual event which might include a visit from a resident of the polar area is scheduled for December 15 at 6 P. M.

It was reported that there was a gas line fire on Owl Hill over the weekend.

Mr. & Mrs. Rick Starcher are having a new roof installed on their home.

Alvin & Nancy Engelke attended the open house of the new Peppermill restaurant located in the old windmill building across from City Hospital in Parkersburg. Michael Shouldis & Jean D'Aquilla have opened the new eatery and the samples served the other evening make it clear that it will be a fine place to eat when attending to business in Parkersburg. Jane Engelke was instrumental in the décor.

Rev. Carl Marks and Robert Marks were among those visiting Mr. & Mrs. Cooter Marks.

Visitors down at the Mouth of the Elk report that there was a demonstration supporting the archives director that was fired because he dared oppose the destruction of the state archives collection. One sign was said to have called for the impeachment of "Gov. Goodwin" which is more than an "in joke". It has been learned that some who have donated collections to the state archives are exploring ways to reclaim their collections before they are lost to arrogant administrators who couldn't care less about anything other than their personal aggrandizement and power.

Chesapeake Energy reported that they are doing 100 square miles of 3-D seismic work in West Virginia this year with the same amount again next year. They are analyzing all strata from the surface to a depth of 30,000' according to B. J. Carney, one of their geophysicists. While most of their new wells have been to various of the Devonian shales the company routinely competes the shallow zones such as the Big Injun, Berea, Squaw, Wier, etc. They are making plans for more deep wells in Roane and other counties. It was noted that West Virginia is in the heart of one of the richer gas reserves in the country. September natural gas fetched $5.50 while local Pennsylvania grade crude oil was worth $88.75/bbl on Saturday.

Mike John of Chesapeake reported that they plan to have some new deep wells going next year and the company feels that there is substantial gas to be found below 20,000' and plans are underway to tap those reserves. Cabot & Dominion (Mother Hope) are also planning additional deep wells.

It was noted that one of the challenges is a shortage of willing workers for the oil patch. Dawson Geophysical who has been doing Chesapeake's seismic work uses Mexicans. When asked if they were legal the answer was, "They have papers." When asked if the papers were legit the spokesman said, "We did our part. We would like to hire Americans to work if we could find them."

Some have suggested that if the SSI checks & food stamps were cut off to the able bodied there would be plenty of folks to work. Also likely there would be more gardens grown, etc and then the border could be sealed against the wetbacks, drug importers and terrorists.

Local residents are finally getting somewhat adjusted to the time change now mandated by nameless politicos over in Washington.

Judy Lock who is a descendant of Nathan & Susannah Hopkins Henry was searching the Creston News and found mention of Susannah Henry's brother Oakley Hopkins who was killed on Yellow Creek during the Civil War by bushwhackers who wanted his gun. In today's information world it is amazing what one can find. She also found a whole bunch of cousins that she didn't know that she had.