1919: Silent Movie Picture Shows Come to Grantsville

Transcribed by Norma Knotts Shaffer from the Calhoun Chronicle 1919

Messrs. A.E. Weaver, W.J. Sharps and Oral C. Hathaway have announced that they have bought a first class moving picture machine, a large tent, opera chairs, etc., and expect to have a movie under headway by the 15th.

  They have arranged for some excellent pictures and we trust they will make this educational as well as entertaining.

Mr. Hathaway will be in charge and we understand that an operator from the Camden Theatre, at Parkersburg, has been procured.

Cinema Attracts Crowd

The opening of Grantsville's first picture show, which was to take place Saturday night, was postponed because an operator from Parkersburg who left on the early morning train Saturday, got off at Palestine instead of Owensport. 

Mgr. Oral C. Hathaway and J.B. Huffman endeavored to get the machine to work but it was finally necessary to announce that the first show would be held Monday night.

An operator came over from Spencer Monday and the machine was in good working order for the picture that night.  The first picture was a five reel drama, set in a western town and proved very entertaining to the crowd.

The management has secured the William Fox productions and there are no better pictures produced.  The machine is as good as any to be found anywhere and electricity from a nearby garage adds much to the value. 

The opera seats will probably be here by next week and there is no reason why it should not be a very comfortable place.