A supernatural event, described as a "mysterious presentment" was reported in the Calhoun Chronicle in 1899:

A matter of news has just come to our attention which deserves more than a passing notice, and is vouched for by people of unquestionable integrity and they are neither supersticious nor visionary.

Hence, to us, the mystery.

The details, as our informant gave them to us, are substantially as follows:

At the Enon meeting, of which mention has heretofore been made, after Rev. William Burns had preached a wonderful sermon in which the appeal to young and unconverted men was even beyond human expectation, and after an invitation had been given to any and all to accept the Christian religion, the congregation had been dismissed.

A young man, who has never made any pretentions to being religious, walked up to the pulpit, for what purpose he does not know, but upon his arrival at the pulpit he saw, in the window of the church, a portray of the entire congregation as they naturally appeared on the floor of the house.

The different colored costumes, the anxious, at the anxious seat, the minister as he stood in the pulpit with one hand pointed toward heaven and the other hanging by his side and his body leaning toward the congregation.

The young man who first saw the (window) portrayal tapped the minister on the shoulder and called his attention to the mystery, and he in turn directed the attention of several others to the matter.

Without any change of conditions in the church the picture gradually disappeared from view, after having been seen by several.

Among them were A. Huffman, Rev. Burns, Mrs. Bettie Morris, Mrs. Burns and Oke Dulin.

- Transcribed from microfilm Calhoun Chronicle by Norma Knotts Shaffer.