Calhoun County High School Senior Kayla Hixon, and
freshman Katlin Collins appear with WSAZ newsman Tony
Morgan and Dr. Peter DeBenedittis one of America's
leading experts on media education and prevention

By Shari Johnson

The Calhoun County High School Pride team are attending West Virginia's 15th annual Share the Vision Conference in Charleston, WV.

Share the Vision brings together individuals from communities, agencies, and organizations for a statewide prevention conference featuring workshops, networking, national keynotes, and an awards luncheon.

The purpose of the conference is to build the capacity of individuals, organizations and agencies to promote well being in communities throughout WV. The conference supports West Virginians who are committed to improving the health and safety of our state's children, families and communities.

The target audiences for the conference include prevention and treatment professionals, community coalition members, educators, law enforcement, counselors, social workers, agencies/organizations, youth and members of faith communities.

While attending the conference the Pride team was given the opportunity to network with other counties prevention agencies and attend workshops to build their skills on sharing a message of substance abuse prevention.