POKER HOLD-UP FEMALE ARRESTED - Police arrested a woman yesterday who's been on the run since last week in Putnam County. Jacqueline Dennis is one of two women accused of robbing a poker game in Putnam County.

Police say Dennis and Kimberly Steinbrecher broke into the game wearing camouflage and carrying guns. They got away with $27 thousand dollars in cash.

Hurricane Police and Putnam County Sheriff's deputies found Jacqueline Dennis at the rest area in Hurricane just off I-64.

The other suspect, Kimberly Steinbrecher, has already been arrested and charged with armed robbery.

HUNTINGTON MAN SHOT TO DEATH - Police have released the name of a person shot to death Sunday night in Huntington.

28-year-old Phillip Shaun Sirmons was found dead in the alley behind the old Simms School.

Police say that Sirmons came to Huntington from Detroit.

No arrests have been made.

EIGHT INCH BUTCHER KNIFE - A Clifford man has been charged with brandishing a dangerous and deadly weapon. A St. Albans police officer thought the man was going to attack him Saturday with an 8-inch butcher knife.

Jimmy Lee Pettry, 36, was charged after a St. Albans Patrolman responded to a call of a man complaining that his friend was in his apartment waving a butcher knife.

Pettry opened the door, holding the knife over his head, police allege.

The patrolman believed he was about to be attacked. He grabbed Pettry's wrist and neck and, with help from another officer, forced Pettry to the floor.