Kathleen H. Taylor

Congratulations to the Calhoun Red Devils for a well-played game. It was an unfortunate loss, but be proud of what you accomplished this season.

My children are keeping a very accurate count of how many days until Christmas. What they really should say is, "how many more days until Mom goes totally in the hole?" Santa may have to switch to tap water instead of having Evian shipped in for the reindeer. Mrs. Claus may have to stop Ebaying and start knitting slippers for Christmas. (Anyone else have that experience of receiving knitted slippers and mittens for Christmas?) I can picture my Mom reading this and saying, "yes, and we appreciated those mittens when it was 45 below zero and we had to walk to school."

Natalie McCloy and I have become very good friends in the last few days. I just love her. She's the kind of friend that listens without judgment and never utters an unkind word. In fact, she does not utter any words (yet). Ms. Natalie is 3 months old and seems to like me. I have been told it's only because I have good pillows. (Not explaining that one-I believe it to be self-explanatory). I would like to believe she thinks I rock. (Everyone else does, why shouldn't she? I have also been known to be delusional at times.)

Sunday, November 18, is my annual Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully, no one will be spending quality time with the trash can and frosty bottles of Gatorade. Two years ago, Brian and Ethan caught the flu shortly before Thanksgiving. (Thank God no one could blame my cooking for the illnesses). I hosted the dinner party in between throwing mops and trash bags into their rooms. Oh, the memories! Truly special.

Saturday was a big day for the Taylor's on the Hill. (Sounds like a country club, doesn't it? I am thinking of a certain Travis Tritt song right now). Our family was doing some serious multi-tasking this weekend. We had so many places to go and things that needed to be done. I didn't get everything accomplished, but I did remember to get my kids in and out of the car. Nobody got lost or misplaced. So, I thought that was a plus.

I want to thank everyone who sends me the great mail. I appreciate it so much. Heck, I appreciate the fact that folks actually read it and I haven't been voted off the island yet. Since I have such a huge following (hmmmm) you may email me at the above address for the link. I am not done with it, so bear with me. I am constantly editing and tearing it to pieces. Not to worry Moms, it is totally clean. After you read it, you will realize I need my own reality show. Perhaps a reality-check show is more like it.

The Rainbow Grange would like to thank everyone who attended the bingo on Saturday night. We raised some funds and look forward to using it to better the community.

We would like to thank Arnold Richards for teaching a great Sunday School lesson at the Beason U.M. Church. If you don't know Arnold, visit our church on Sunday and receive a lesson taught from a person who will seem like a good friend when you leave. Thank you again Arnold for providing us with an understandable lesson always given from the heart.

My last words for this column (I always get the last word in) are by John F. Kennedy. "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."

Health and happiness.