Glenville, WV - Glenville State College held a brief Veterans Day remembrance on Friday, November 9th, at the GSC War Memorial.

Kipp Colvin, GSC Director of Student Activities, read the names of GSC students, faculty and staff that are veterans or currently serving in the military.

They are, Staff Sgt. Caleb Turner Air force, Sgt. Carl Ogle Army Kuwait, Travis S. Yost, Marines, Staff Sgt. Richard Burkowski, Staff Sgt. Marilynn Burkowski, Joe Ball, Stevie Jennings, Michael Goff, Jimmy Decarlo, Rick Johnson, David McCumbers, Ronnie McCumbers, James Craft, Sharon Jones, Rodney Jones, David Jones, Steven Paxton, Sgt. Amie Starcher US Army Reserves, Brian Sullivan, Roger Burkowski, Rick Sypolt , Errol Kennedy, Professor Batson, Mack Cavendish, Dr. Peter Barr.

I feel that it is necessary for us to take time to pay tribute to all of those who have served or are currently serving America, especially from our Glenville State College Community, said Colvin. A memorial wreath was also placed in front of the War memorial in honor of Veterans Day.