THREE CM-HS STUDENTS EXPELLED - New Financial Officer Hired

During an executive session of the Calhoun school board Monday, three students were expelled from Calhoun Middle-High School.

- Student 2007-08/01 was recommended for 12 month expulsion with review after evaluative reports were submitted to return for school year 2008-2009. The student will be accepted into the Evening Alternative Learning Center Program. Motion carried unanimously.

- Student 2007-08/02 was recommended for 12 month expulsion. The student will be accepted into the Evening Alternative Learning Center Program. Motion carried unanimously.

- Student 2007-08/03 was recommended for expulsion for the remainder of the school year. The student will be accepted into the Evening Alternative Learning Center Program. Motion carried unanimously.

The board hired Patricia Riddle as the school systems new treasurer and chief school business official.


Parent: Tonya Harrison - Sara Harrison (Grade 3), Darla Harrison (Grade 2), Kenneth Harrison (Grade K) to Clay Co.; Parent: Dina Roberts - Cassandra Roberts (Grade 11) from Gilmer Co.; Parent: Pamela Sisson -Holly Hicks (Grade 4), Austin Hicks (Grade 3) to Clay Co.; Parent: Tammy Tawney - Mia McCallister (Grade 11) to Roane Co.; Parent: Lola Wagoner - Ashley Hicks (Grade 6), Brittany Hicks (Grade 4) and Austin Hicks (Grade 2) from Roane Co.; Parent: Thomas and Brenda Smith - Thomas Smith (Grade 8) from Ritchie Co.


Parent: Zoe Mercer - Student: Samuel Mercer (Grade 2); Parent: Kimberly Harris - Student


Henry Cooper - Pleasant Hill School; Janet Summers - Arnoldsburg School; Betty Jones - Arnoldsburg School; Aleacia Sturms - Pleasant Hill School.


Roy Davidson - Substitute Custodian (Effective 11/5/07) and Kim Batten - Head Girls Basketball Coach (Effective 10/1/07)


Linda Jarvis - Mentor-Half-Time English/Language Arts, CM/HS (Effect. 11/6/07); Jan Jarrell - Mentor - Kindergarten, AES (Effective 11/6/07); Renita Benson - Mentor - Reading Mentor Teacher, AES (Effective 11/6/07); Brandy Richards - Itinerant Half-Time Special Education, PHE (Effective 11/6/07); Richard Metheney - Bus Operator/Multi Class-Temp. Position (Effective 11/6/07); John Simers - Custodian III (Itinerant) - CM/HS (Effective 11/6/07); Robyn Ellison - Middle School Student Tutor (Effective 11/6/07); Nancy Kirby - Middle School Student Tutor (Effective 11/6/07); Beth Burkowski - Middle School Student Tutor (Effective 11/6/07); Tiffany Jones - Middle School Volleyball Coach (Effective 09/05/07); Ernie Tingler - Head Girls Basketball Coach, CHS (Effective 11/6/07); Danny Bunch - Head Middle School Girls Basketball Coach (Effective 11/6/07); Patricia Riddle - Treasurer/Chief School Business Official (Effective 11/26/07); Matt Walker - Head Middle School Boys Basketball Coach (Effective 11/6/07).


Custodian III - Calhoun Middle-High School; Head Girls Basketball Coach, CHS; Mentor - Itinerant Half-Time Special Education Teacher, PHE.


Kristina Jarvis (Effective 11/6/07); Amy Jacobs (Effective 11/6/07).


Joe Skaggs (Pending Certification); Julie Wanstreet (Pending Certification).

HEADS-UP (Effective Date 9/10/07)

Millie Arnold - Heads Up Instructor (AES) Melanie Davis - Heads Up Teacher (PHE) Carrol Dye - Heads Up Teacher (PHE) Michael Franek - Heads Up Instructor (CM/HS) Scott Golinsky - Heads Up Teacher (PHE) Vickie Hardway - Heads Up Teacher (PHE) Linda Jarvis - Heads Up Instructor (CM/HS) Lou Johnson - Heads Up Instructor (AES) Rebecca Miller - Heads Up Teacher (PHE) Leah Offutt - Heads Up Instructor (CM/HS) Ada Overbaugh - Heads Up Instructor (CM/HS) Whitney Ritchie - Heads Up Teacher (PHE) Kelley Sampson - Heads Up Teacher (PHE) Jamie Wagoner - Heads Up Instructor (CM/HS) Norma Wagoner - Heads Up Teacher (PHE) Scottie Westfall II - Heads Up Instructor (AES) Barbara McKown - Sign Language Teacher (CM/HS) Donna Shanholtzer - Bodies in Motion Classes (CM/HS) Tammy Yoak - Heads Up Instructor (CM/HS) Ernest Tingler - Heads Up Instructor (CM/HS) Melissa Jones - Heads Up Instructor (CM/HS) Amy Fitzwater - Heads Up Instructor (CM/HS) Scottie Westfall - Saturday Fun Day Instructor (CM/HS) Janice Westfall - Saturday Fun Day Instructor (CM/HS) Leah Offutt - Saturday Fun Day Instructor (CM/HS) Scott Golinsky - Saturday Fun Day Instructor (CM/HS) John Bugby - Saturday Fun Day Instructor (CM/HS).


Board member Wilson would like to explore additional planning time at Pleasant Hill Elementary. He also questioned use of lights on the football field during daylight.

Board Member Steve Whited congratulated the football team on making it to the playoffs.

Board member Cynthia Dale was pleased to see an accountant had been hired and thanked those involved for all the work completed on the Safe Schools Plan.

Board president Lee Evans requested that priority be given to additional staff to serve the Middle-High School Library.

The next board meeting is scheduled for December 3, 2007.

All board members present Cindy Dale, Lee Evans, Joy Starcher, Steve Whited, and Mike Wilson.