Kathleen H. Taylor

Congratulations to the Calhoun County Red Devils for their placement in the play-offs. We are excited about heading to my hometown for the game.

The Halloween Party at the Grange was held this past Saturday. I think everyone had a real good time. There was a bigger crowd than we had anticipated. I hope we can have an even bigger attendance next year. Once again, I did my costume up right. After a great deal of thought, I decided to be an NYPD officer. What does NYPD stand for? "Not Young Pretending to be Delicious" club. I am president of this organization. Not only does one get to be fat in a costume, one receives a badge and a set of cuffs. What a deal!

The children did Halloween to the hilt this past week. I think we attended three different activities. Everything is somewhat of a blur due to a candy induced near coma state of mind. I feel the weight just assuming the position once again.

Please mark your calendars for the Longaberger Bingo on Saturday at the Rainbow Grange. I understand there are some great baskets as well as door prizes and raffles. Tickets are going fast, so please purchase yours today from any Grange member. They are also available at my shop in Harrisville. Please stop by and pick some up. I promise you there will be a bouncer on hand in case there are any basket brawls arise. So, no need to worry about the games getting out of control.

The Ritchie County Junior Wrestlers are doing the pop sale again this year. Once again, I need to apologize in advance for the fund raisers. But, the little wrestlers are in need of funds, so I feel I must show my support by torturing others. The pop is at a good price and it seems it can always be used during the holidays. There is nothing like loading up someone else's kids with pop and then sending them home with their parents. Have we not all had that experience? Anyway, there are many types of soda available and orders will be taken until November 26, 2007. I also have these order forms in my shop or you can call me at 483-3207.

The Fab Four worked the Sears door on the Magical Night of Giving this past Sunday evening at the Grand Central Mall. It was fun as usual with the added enjoyment of harassing the help. However, the help didn't mind getting their picture taken with yours truly. I think he thought I might have been one of Santa's helpers and wanted to get in good with Santa Claus. During our break, we cruised the Mall in search of a great bargain only to find ourselves back at my favorite store, Spencer's. The things in there totally blow my mind. Although I really don't think this would be a difficult task. The bleach has seeped through to my brain by now. Apparently, I am way out of touch with what today's semi-adults enjoy. Some things I didn't know what they were for or what exactly they were. I have learned never to ask questions in that store. They do not hesitate to give you a straight up answer. I am usually a straight up kind of girl but sometimes there are answers one does not want to hear straight forward.

The Main Street posse has been somewhat calm this past week. I think we need a certain J.G. to come in to lighten us all up. The holidays are stressing us and I think he can bring us back to life. We won't even ask for any quarters. So, you can make it through to payday (at least on Main Street).

Have a great week.