Submitted by Barb McKown

Minnie Hamilton Health System is pleased to announce the opening of a new Cardiopulmonary Department, combining cardiology and respiratory care services.

The department will offer non-invasive cardiac exams (EKG's and 24 hour holter monitoring) and comprehensive respiratory care such as: pulmonary function test, arterial blood gas analysis, airway management, patient education, inhaled medication, pulse oximetry, and sleep studies in the sleep lab. These services will be available to all patients at MHHS.

The head of the new department will be Rebecca Barnhart, Respiratory Therapist. Rebecca says, "This is so wonderful. I love what I do and to be able to build a cardiopulmonary department, has literally been a dream come true, especially at MHHS. I have never seen a hospital so dedicated to its patients. I have been impressed by this hospital from the moment I walked in the door and it continues to impress me every day. I'm honored to be here and I'm dedicated to providing high quality respiratory care to anyone who visits MHHS."

Rebecca received her education from Washington State Community College. She is certified in NALS, PALS and ACLS. Rebecca resides in Wirt County. She has 2 children, Brody and Tyler, and is engaged to be married.

Rebecca Barnhart and Dr. Vishwanath Hande

Dr. Vishwanath Hande, Chief of Staff, states "The Cardiopulmonary equipment at MHHS will increase the way we manage and improve quality of life for patients with lung disease. We will be able to glean more information for our patients living with asthma and chronic lung diseases. Overall, the cardiopulmonary unit is adjunct to the sleep lab and will encompass a significant amount of disease management. The cardiopulmonary unit is just one more tool that will make a big difference to this hospital and to this community."

To meet with Rebecca or to make an appointment, please call MHHS at 354-9244.