MAN ESCAPES COPS AND GETS GUNS - Jackson County deputies captured an armed man who escaped their custody Monday morning, causing a school to go into lock-down.

Michael James was arrested along old Route 21 about five miles from where he escaped. Deputies said he did not have guns on him when he was arrested, but after his escape he obtained weapons.

James escaped from a police cruiser early Monday morning in handcuffs after he was arrested over a domestic dispute with his wife.

After James escaped, he went to a relatives house and took two guns. He then broke into a barn and used a farm tool to cut off his handcuffs and reportedly stole a gun from the barn.

School officials in Jackson County say Kenna Elementary went on lock-down as a precaution.

MAN PLEADS GUILTY TO KILLING 15-YEAR-OLD - Authorities say information from a federal prison inmate appears to be one reason why a Charleston man decided to plead guilty in the murder of his 15-year-old girlfriend.

Javon Cousins, 21, admitted in court yesterday to charges of second-degree murder, saying he shot and killed Christi Hale in her Cross Lanes home in 2004.

Cousins originally said the shooting was an accident.

A federal prison inmate testified that Cousins bragged about the murder. The two were serving time for drugs in a Kentucky facility.

Cousins is now facing 10-40 years in prison.