BETTS GHOST CAUGHT ON CAMERA - Lost Incubus Looking For House


2007 - For the first time in 120 years the Bett's Ghost has been caught
by the Hur Herald Ghostbuster camera, coming up the river road
beside the Little Kanawha, a few yards from the original Betts House


The Betts Incubus, an evil spirit that drifts down on persons in their sleep, is obviously looking for the long-gone Betts house.

This Halloween eve photo was made within a few feet of the original Collins Betts house, which rested above the old river road beside the Little Kanawha in what is now Cabot Station.

Well, with a little photo editing.

The Incubus is ascribed as the apparition of a peddler who was murdered as he traveled the river road, said to have $1,000 in his possession.

The Collins Betts house was located in a field behind the current Furr's Auto Sales and the Roydice Williams residence, not far from State Rt. 5.