By Janet Siers

What a time I've had with this water system here. One morning when Ray and I was going to feed the little pigs Jim Cooper and his wife Wilma stopped by to visit. Jim is Courtney Cooper's son and Wilma is Susie Watkins daughter. I said, go feed the pigs with us. Wilma was telling me how handy Jim was and I told him of the trouble I was having with the water situation here and he was a God send. We replaced electrical parts and drained dry wall buckets of water and worked for a few hours while Wilma and Daddy talked.

We worked on it and Jim said you need a new tank. What a day of worry for me. I called getting prices on a new holding tank. Later here he came back with Glen Siers with his air compressor and they solved the situation. Didn't need a new tank and everything is fine and have more pressure than ever. Thank you Jim and Glen.

Heather and Ruby Ann visited with us last week. We went to Charleston and had lunch a the Olive Garden. I love the food there. We went on to the Hair Club on Quarrier Street for some styling product and then to the Sears Hair Salon and I got a hair cut. It was wonderful to had someone cut my hair.

Looking forward to seeing Heather, Ruby and Robert this week. Robert, Heather's father, is bringing Tyler an electric guitar. Good luck to the neighborhood.

Little pigs are getting bigger and the chickens are wild.

Hello to all you Siers girls and of course Uncle Shirley and we really enjoy the bird feeders you brought us.

Love you Aunt Juanita.

Have a wonderful week!