YOUTH SUFFERS GUNSHOT TO HEAD IN WIRT - Nine-Year-Old Roane Girl Shot By .22 Rifle

An 18-year-old teen is in a Morgantown hospital after being shot through the ear lobe and into the jaw, according to the WV Department of Natural Resources.

The wounding by a rifle happened Monday in Wirt County, with the victim being brought to an Elizabeth bait shop, after which an ambulance was summoned.

Lt. Coleman with the DNR in Charleston told the Herald the youth was reportedly shot while squirrel hunting. Officers are investigating.

A family member identified the victim as Christopher Giffin.

He is reportedly in good condition.

A nine-year-old Roane County girl was shot in the foot Saturday morning by a .22 caliber rifle.

DNR declined to identify the youth or her address, but indicated the injury was self-inflicted, apparently related to hunting.

She was taken to a Charleston hospital for treatment.