HOTTER THAN A FRITTER FOR OCTOBER - High Concerns For Forest Fires

Temperature records are still falling during the October heat wave.

The earth is dry, dry, dry.

The National Weather Service says Beckley, Charleston, Huntington and Parkersburg all saw record temperatures change on Monday.

Beckley's 86 degrees broke the previous record of 81 set in 1997. It was the fourth straight day of record heat in Beckley.

Charleston's temperature hit 93 degrees, breaking the previous record of 92 set in 1931.

The NWS said Huntington and Parkersburg both saw records set in 1939 fall. Huntington's temperature reached 93 degrees, one degree higher than the previous record. In Parkersburg, the temperature hit 91, three degrees higher than the previous record.

A cold front is moving into the area expected to drop nighttime temps into the 40s.

Forest fire season is near, and woodlands are dry with the added fuel provided by tens of thousands of fallen trees from the ice storm four years ago.