Kathleen H. Taylor

Congratulations to the Ritchie Rebs on their win against Lincoln. Well done guys!

Our local fifth graders will be emptying your pockets again for their excursion to D.C. this spring. For only $5 you can receive a ticket to partake in a special four hour sale at Belk's in the Grand Central Mall. Please help our children take this memorable trip to Washington. This may be the only trip some will have the opportunity to be a part of. We may have future leaders in this bright class of fifth graders. Some could probably assume an office now, but they wouldn't want to make anyone look bad.

My cousin has been deployed with the National Guard. As of now, his group is in Kuwait awaiting instructions to go to Baghdad. Our prayers are with him and his family. We look forward to his safe return.

Happy anniversary to Mike and Diana Taylor! I believe their special day is on October 15th. We had the privilege to be in their wedding. I recall that day very well as most everyone was calm and collected. Except for one small red headed fellow who remains nameless. This angel displayed his true colors by hanging on to my leg through the ceremony and lying on the floor. I know he made me look like mother of the year. Anyway, happy anniversary and many more!

Some well known Main Street girls and their posse took a field trip to Marietta recently. It is rumored they were looking for a manager to become big rock stars. One person returned with beautiful new body art courtesy of a talented ink master. Most of the group came back with Tylenol.

Ethan, a Webelo, and member of Pennsboro Boy Scout Pack #130,
practicing for an archery badge at Camp Kootaga this past weekend

The Rainbow Grange will be hosting their annual Fall Fling the first weekend in November. It is a great activity for kids 0-100 years old. If you are 101, you are on your own. The Grange will also be participating in the Magical Night of Giving at the Grand Central Mall. Contact me for a ticket or further information. I will have more details coming in the near future.

My partner in crime, Thelma, has gone to Daytona for a week. I think it was totally wrong that I was not consulted when making trip reservations. I am hurt that I was not included in the list of road trippers. However, I might be able to forgive her if she brings me a cool t-shirt or even a shot glass. She may not bring me a hermit crab. Our house is a crab coffin. My kids do not do well with the responsibilities of taking care of critters that should be left alone to do whatever they do in the ocean.

I am reconsidering my choice of being a nun for Halloween. I think I am closer to being a big rock star rather than a nun.

I am closing with a funny Avery story. He is such a piece of work. We were all in the car taking one of those "Sunday Drives". (According to Kathy's Big Book of Parenting, "Sunday Drives"= we can't stand the kids in the house anymore) Brian and I were discussing different parts of the Ritchie area and Avery was in the back singing "London Bridge". As we continued talking, Avery pipes up and says, "Can't you people see I am trying to sing here?" Out of the mouth of babes.

Have a great week.