By Alvin Engelke

Local residents have been keeping their eyes on the bushytails that have been scampering about. Some presume that they would look better in an iron skillet along with gravy, fresh biscuits and sweet potatoes.

Keith Belt filled his regular appointment at the Burning Springs M. E. church.

Charles Russell and a number of other Creston residents attended the FFA beef barbecue at the high school in Elizabeth. As usual there was some fine eating.

Several local residents attended and participated in the Pioneer Day celebration in Elizabeth on Saturday. All the reports were positive.

Nancy & Jane Engelke attended the Miss West Virginia USA pageant in Flatwoods over the weekend. Nancy was also consulting with Dr. Mills.

Gay Park is able to walk again after a bout with a Baker's cyst on her knee. Diane Ludwig, the economic director for Calhoun and Wirt Counties is back in circulation after having knee surgery.

The saga involving the "temporary suspension" of the Creston post office continues. With the old office closed and no boxes for patrons, Ida Wager, the former Creston post mistress fetched the mail down in her car and people came along to pick up packages, certifieds and regular letters, junk mail, etc. On Friday afternoon the postal biggies finally set the cluster boxes near the old Creston church.

The Creston community had a thank you and going away party Sunday evening for Creston's faithful postmaster, Ida Wager, who, thanks to Michael Bailey, Mr. Sherry Maier and others of that type, has been put through the wringer. Each day additional costs of the closure are learned. She is now at the Brooksville (Big Bend) office but there has been talk that it may be closed too. A while back the biggies even had Cairo in their sights. It was noted that the fat lady has not sung yet.

More fine veneer logs came down off Ground Hog from some mystery location.

Miss Utility was in Creston ascertaining the location of existing gas lines so that others would not make unpleasant discoveries whilst digging.

The last few days in Creston have been much warmer than usual and things are dry causing concern about fire. Leaves continue to turn as they have been for weeks now.

Mr. & Mrs. Bobby Ray Starcher and Carol, Mr. & Mrs. Cleveland Starcher and several others were attending to business in Creston Saturday evening on account of the auction. The next one will be November 3 at 6 P. M. at the Community Building.

The price of local Pennsylvania grade crude oil fell to $75.50/bbl. David Boggs of Dependable Pipe noted that this past season was the record for down hole pumps as old wells, along with new ones, are fixed up to produce more crude oil.

The frenzy over the Marcellus shale continues as Chesapeake permitted a well to that formation in Upshur County and Equitable permitted a horizontal well in the formation on the Bruen (Grange tract) in Jackson County.

A report over a reported IRS seizure has caused a lot of stirring.

Ricky Tucker moved back from Ohio.

Rebecca Starcher reported that she and Rick sold their place on the river below Creston.

The Wirt County Farm Bureau annual meeting will be held Tuesday, October 16 at 6 P. M. at the high school in Elizabeth. Members and friends are asked to bring a covered dish. Meat and utensils will be provided. Everyone is welcome.

Folks with the Neighborhood Watch report that there have been some suspicious vehicles seen in the area and ranging over towards Spencer. Information will be held in confidence.

The Creston Area Neighborhood Watch will meet Monday Oct. 8 at 7 P. M. at the Community Building.

H. Wayne Nida has his new garage framed in. He is, of course, a master builder.

Don Hall was reminiscing about when he was drilling wells in Creston.

Don Rhodes and Terry Arthur were among those calling on C. Glen Arthur. Don also took Charles Russell to Brooksville to go shopping.