Calhoun County EMS, Inc. has been recognized for its' high achievement in the delivery of service to the county.

Jerry Kyle, Director of the state's Trauma and Emergency Care System, said "You and your organization can take pride in this achievement, the ever increasing responsibility of maintaining the high standards of EMS community care."

Calhoun EMS scored 126 points out of a possible 136, which EMS Director Josh Johnson said is quite an accomplishment.

The report listed only three shortcomings.

The local EMS is hampered sometimes by the distance and time required to reach a scene with the nature of rural roads, the report indicated, although the system has two stations.

Johnson indicated there is little that can be done to improve that situation without establishing more sub-stations and ambulance teams.

The report said Calhoun EMS does not always have a medic on duty 24/7, a situation created by lack of funds, but a medic is on call for quick dispatch.

The report also suggested improvement in obtaining pre-arrival medical information and instructions.

EMS administrator Patty Eisley said "We have received these high numbers for several years. We hope the public is appreciative of our efforts."