Kathleen H. Taylor

Welcome back to my little piece of the paper. Some day I will be at Time or Cosmopolitan magazine. But, until then, I think I will keep my day job.

I ran into our neighbor, Cindy, at the store today. It was good to see her. I hadn't had the opportunity to catch up with her in a long time. Her daughter, Shayna is now a student at D&E. She is on the volleyball team and is majoring in Communication Disorders. Shayna's sister, Morgan, is a student at Fairmont and is pursuing a degree in education. Best of luck to both of them in their endeavors! I mentioned to Cindy that her fall decorations were really pretty. I did however say she needed to get busy and put some more out. At the rate we are going, our street will have the coolest decorations in all of Beason Land! Our neighborhood will be the hot spot for the holidays. We won't even charge admission.

Cindy and her husband will be celebrating their first anniversary next weekend. Happy Anniversary!

Brian and Kathy Taylor celebrate 6 years together

Brian and I had our sixth anniversary on September 29. I don't know where the time went. It has been six eventful years to say the least. Brian gave me the complete set of the Halloween Peanuts Characters. I collect Peanuts stuff, so that gift was really special to me. I gave him gold earrings for his twice-pierced ear. (don't even go there, ha ha.) I said to myself, "there is something wrong with this picture." "Shouldn't I be getting the jewelry?"

Somebody asked me last week "how do you do marriage"? (exact words) I had to think for a few minutes because I didn't have the perfect answer. (that is surprising since I do know most everything). My first piece of advice was to keep a sense of humor. It is a definite requirement. My second was not to have the illusion that marriage is all wine and roses. Some days it may seem more like beer and peanuts. But, through all the great and not-so-great times, marriage is a gift. A gift that is given with hopes that you don't ask for a return or exchange. It's not like one of those dreaded gifts from an aunt that is constantly knitting something. It is definitely not something you go to Vegas for and then change your mind the next day. Although I did think it might be cool to have Elvis officiate the wedding. I wanted to marry him when I was little, so why not be married by him if that's the closest you can get? But, it turned out, that Reverend Jones was way cooler than Elvis would have been. Thank you Rev. Jones for beginning our six years!

Ritchie County Band is hosting a band tournament on October 27th at the high school. It has been said there will be up to 10 bands participating in this event. Any proceeds from this tournament will go to the Ritchie County Band program. I've been in band and I know how difficult it is pay for travel, uniforms, etc. Please come out and show your support for these kids. These students are constantly supporting our teams with their gift of music. Rock on Ritchie County Band!

Boy Scouts Pack 130 is still accepting new members. A camp-out is scheduled for the upcoming week-end. That is a Dad related activity as Mom does not do camping. Ask any member of our family. They will testify I am the most unpleasant person to go camping with. Hey, a girl needs facilities, that is just a fact.

85 shopping days until Christmas.

Have a great week and may the force be with you.