According to outgoing President, Shirley Gregory, the 2006-2007 annual report for the Grantsville Lions Club shows the club donated over $5,000 to worthwhile causes and provided more than 400 hours of volunteer service to the community.

Youth organizations received the most funding, including schools, recreation, sports, and scouts. Various community groups received contributions and health needs continued to be a club priority, especially sight conservation, which remains the major goal of all Lions.

To that end, the Grantsville Club paid for eye exams, purchased glasses, and recycled 242 pair of used lenses and frames.

Club members have given of their time to assist with basket bingos, town Christmas lights, Halloween treats, Santa's visit, parade line up and other projects in the community.

The major sources of revenue for the club are the carnival and bingo at the Wood Festival, and a variety of fundraisers throughout the year. All money collected in these efforts is donated back to the community.

The club wishes to thank all those who have helped the club this year—our loyal bingo players, those who donate used glasses, and other groups who work with the Lions on projects.

Grantsville Lions members are: Larry Baker, Shirley Ball, Bob Bonar, Henry Cooper, Denzil Dye, Loretta Freshour, Jim Garretson, Curtis Gregory, Shirley Gregory, Jim Hardman, Sheila Hardman, Doug McCormick, Jim McCormick, Jason Nettles, Geneva Nicholson, Linda Staton, and Jim Wallace.