Boys 1st place winners (L-R) Brandon Marks, Steven
Rogers II, Cameron Jarvis, Kennedy Ater, and Noah Butler

Girls 1st place winners (L-R) Front - Haley Jones and Tori
Arnold; Back - Eliza Burch, Mia Houchin and Maycee Carter

Photos by Patty Haught

The Annual Molasses Festival Pretty Baby contest was held Thursday evening at the Arnoldsburg Community Park with 50 entries. Judging for the contest was done by Juanita Boggs and Lorraine Bailey.

Winners are listed below: Boys 0-6 months - 1st Noah Butler; 2nd Jacob Marks; 3rd Alex Anderson

Girls 0-6 months - 1st Eliza Burch; 2nd Cyrena Wilson; 3rd Tiara Rogers

Boys 7-11 months - 1st Cameron Jarvis; 2nd Kayden McCormick; 3rd Gunnar Lane

Girls 7-11 months - 1st Maycee Carter; 2nd Brealle Arthur; 3rd Bethani Henderson

Boys 1 year - 1st Steven Rogers II; 2nd Trenton King; 3rd Charles Lynch

Girls 1 year - 1st Mia Houchin; 2nd Albany Davis; 3rd Myah Frederick

Boys 2 years - 1st Kennedy Ater; 2nd Kasey Milliron; 3rd Caden Wright; 3rd Dillion Murphy

Girls 2 years - 1st Haley Jones

Boys 3-4 years - 1st Brandon Marks; 2nd Ethan Hardman

Girls 3-4 years - 1st Tori Arnold; 2nd Autumn Siers; 3rd Makayla Jones