By Janet Siers

My daughter Heather, her husband Ben, and their daughter Ruby visited with Ray and I. They arrived Wednesday evening for supper and the next day we drove Daddy to his appointment for his prostate cancer shot in Charleston. Results were great to me. After five years of getting this shot finally he doesn't have to have any more. His next office visit is in June. As soon as we got home Blaine King was here to take us over on Nicut so Ruby could see horses for the first time. She loved it and sit on one, no problem. We took some good pictures. It was a wonderful visit and to see Ben since he doesn't get much chance driving a truck.

Alicia Davisson visited with us and she brought Daddy some good cookies, got a hair cut and seen Ruby for the first time since Mother's funeral. Hope Alicia knows her when she's old.

It was good to see Carol Badgett when she came for a hair cut. She and her sister Ovita are home getting their mother's estate together. Lloyd is taking care of the out buildings. It's a hard thing but it's a thing you have to do, then you'll be better.

Blaine King drove me to my appointment at Dr. Rick Magly's office in Nebo Monday afternoon. Rick is helping and I feel much better. What a wonderful thing we have here with all our resources and would like to thank Rick, Chloe Hardware, Verla at Stinson, Appliance Plus in Chloe and Nelly's in Minnora for being here. I don't mean to sound like an advertisement but I couldn't get along without these places.

My chickens left for three days. No evidence, no sign of foul play. They came back and we fed them and still they act strange. Maybe they're moving to the woods for winter. Strange season we're having. Still it's beautiful!

Have a wonderful week!