A public meeting is set for 5:30 p.m. Thursday at the Creston Community Building regarding the future of the Creston Post Office.

The closure of the Creston post office has been looming for several weeks.

Michael G. Bailey, Manager of Post Office Operations in Clarksburg, told the Herald several days ago "We are determining to see what can be done," facing the loss of the lease on the PO building on October 4th.

Postmistress Ida Wager, who has served the office since 1987, says most of the office has been packed, in case the lease is terminated.

Bailey wrote Creston resident Alvin Engelke in July saying, "I am pleased to tell you there are no plans to close Creston at this time."

This is the fourth attempt to close the office.

Creston has been placed on the map at least twice during the last century, once for being a bustling riverboat village, and during the past 25 years for Alvin Engelke's "Creston News."

The Post Office currently has two star route carriers and one RFD route, a considerable amount of the delivery related to mail customers in Calhoun County.

Problems have recently surfaced regarding the use of the current building under lease for $128 a month, which includes the utilities.

Offers have been made for another nearby location or space to set a trailer.

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