By Alvin Engelke
By Alvin Engelke

A number of Wirt and Calhoun folks attended the genealogy fair Saturday at the old grade school in Spencer. There were over 225 at the event which had lots of books, family notes, pictures, etc. One of the hot items was Jack Nida's new book, Images of America, Roane County.

The comely Tammy McFarland celebrated her 45th birthday. Now she can look forward to the big five o and all the aches and pains of old age.

Nina & Gene Bock, Richard McFall, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Ferrell, Larry Ferrell, Mary, Missy, Tim & Ethan were all on hand at the Joe Ferrell residence to help make apple butter.

Several local oil and gasmen and women attended the big Ergon fish fry and Butch Deere's hog roast. The food at both places was excellent. All the calories and cholesterol were removed from all the food that was served as well.

Tim Carpenter, Teddy Parsons, R. L. Phillips, M. C. Pursley, D. C. Ferrell, D. S. Ferrell, Alvin & Nancy Engelke were among those who attended the Southeastern Ohio Oil and Gas Trade show and meeting at Marietta. It was an excellent program and included Ralph Cunningham whose chart reading and meter business in Grantsville is a great help to local producers. Also giving a presentation was Daryl Perkins who is best known locally for the work he did on restoring the Rathbone well at the park in Burning Springs. He had a fine looking service rig at the meeting.

A special presentation was made concerning both the Marcellus shale and the newer zone of interest the Utica black shale which is found on top of the Trenton. It was the feeling of the presenters that the Marcellus will bring just as much excitement as did the Barnett shale down around Fort Worth Texas except that the Marcellus covers a large area including almost all of West Virginia. It was noted that certain Texas & Oklahoma companies came to the area for the express purpose of developing the Marcellus which has been pretty much overlooked in the past. Some very exciting Utica test wells have been drilled to the north.

The price of local Penn grade crude fell $1.50/bbl over the weekend to $76.00.

The FunChester Group and Anna Engelke attended a barbecue at the home of Aaron & Nichole.

Jane Engelke & son Harrison were visiting friends in Detroit Michigan. Jane attended the Miss Michigan USA pageant in Port Huron. The outgoing Miss Michigan was featured in gowns from Elizabeth Michaels and several contestants were clothed likewise by Jane's business.

Dean Miller cut some fine second cutting hay. Tobacco growers have been harvesting their crop and curing the same.

The Wirt road crew finished up their work on W. Va. 5 prior to winter so travel will be much better.

A fellow was doing some research on the great greenhouse gas global warming hoax the other day and made an interesting discovery. Back in 1971 Dr. James Hanson, now a NASA scientist, said that particulates in smoke would cause the earth to cool and that the CO2 (carbon dioxide) was insignificant. Now he says that CO2 from fossil fuels is just about to do us in. Of course it has been shown that any warming of the planet is related to the activity of the sun which is the same reason the ice caps on Mars have been shrinking. Of course there are no charlatans.

For those who study the Old Testament and relate such to current events, it should be noted that prior to Israel bombing Syria on Sept. 6, commandos raided the facility and found nuclear goodies made in North Korea, thanks to Maddy Allbright and her bosses who then occupied the White House. Along the same lines the boss of Iran (Persia) is scheduled to visit the debating society at their headquarters in New York City. He has promised to destroy Israel and has been supplying IEDs (roadside bombs) to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan & Iraq.

Carl Ferrell and Rebecca Starcher were both consulting their physicians. Rebecca is "looking forward" to hip replacement surgery.

It was learned that the professional movers will be on hand October 3 to move everything out of the Creston Post Office. Postal authorities elsewhere continue to insist that the office is not closing but on Friday the contract carrier out of Parkersburg noted that "there are 9 more days." Folks from other communities have offered to help make buildings pass muster and, of course, the postal folks have given no notice of postal closing.

Dr. Doug McKinney, the state Republican chairman, will speak at a dinner held Saturday, September 29 at the senior citizen center in Elizabeth. There will also be a presentation on the new state convention to pick delegates to the national convention.

The Creston Community Building meeting will be Tuesday Oct. 2 and the first auction of the season will be October 6.