Fluharty makes Calhoun's TDs
Photos courtesy of Patty Haught

By Dan Cosgrove

He's back! After missing last week's game due to injury, Derringer Fluharty was back in action last night making 5 touchdowns.

It is definitely worth the price of a ticket to see Calhoun's marquee player in action.

The game began with Calhoun winning the coin toss and electing to receive. A fumble on the kickoff gave Ritchie the ball with only 29 yards in front of them.

Four plays later they were on the board. They failed to make the 2-point conversion and led 6-0.

The next kickoff went better and four plays later Fluharty made his first touchdown, running the ball for 40 yards. The 2-point conversion failed with a completed pass, short of the goal. Score: 6-6.

Not even halfway through the quarter, Calhoun kicked off to Ritchie. Dennis Bailey made a great stop on Ritchie's 29-yard line where Ritchie started their drive.

Although they moved the ball down field, tackles by Phillip Norman, Justin Yoak, Ricky Hall and Evan Mace, slowed them and the quarter ended with them looking at 3 and 1 on Calhoun's 40-yard line.

On three consecutive downs, Nathan Cosgrove made tackles to keep them from running in the ball.

However, they continued to inch forward until a well-executed "trick play" fooled the Calhoun Defense and Ritchie was able to score.

They made the conversion and led 14 - 6. Cory Metz returned the resulting kickoff for big yardage, all the way to Ritchie's 40-yard line.

Fluharty made a 21-yard run for a first down and followed that with a 19-yard touchdown.

Justin Yoak was on target with a pass to Seth Wease for the two-point conversion. Tied up, 14-14.

A fumble on the next set of downs by Ritchie was the turning point in the game. Calhoun recovered and was able to score on the drive. The 2-point conversion was also good.

With just over 3 minutes in the half, Jean Blair made a touchdown saving tackle. Metz, Mace and Cosgrove stopped other runs as the clock continued to run down.

With 25 seconds left and Ritchie looking at 2nd down and goal on the 3. The Calhoun Defense was able to stop them, ending the half with Calhoun ahead 22-14.

Calhoun was able to stop Ritchie's first drive in the 3rd quarter, taking over on downs.

Calhoun quickly scored with Fluharty running it in from 28 yards out. The 2-point conversion was good and it looked like a runaway with Calhoun leading 30-14.

Ritchie ran the kickoff back for a touchdown and made the 2-point conversion getting back in the game trailing by 8, Calhoun 30 Ritchie 22.

On their next possession, Calhoun started on their own 48-yard line. Jared Haught, Fluharty and Yoak moved the ball to Ritchie's 25-yard line when Fluharty was able to run it in for a touchdown. Yoak kept the ball and ran in for the two-point conversion. Calhoun leads 38-22.

The fourth quarter started with Ritchie moving the ball down field and finally punching it in with almost 5-minutes left in the game. With the two-point conversion they only trailed by 8, 38-30.

Ritchie kicked an onside kick, but Calhoun recovered it. Calhoun kept the ball for eight downs but finally had to punt it away.

A Metz punt had Ritchie starting on their own 10-yard line. Ritchie began to move downfield, first to the 20 yard line, then the 26.

They made it all the way to Calhoun's 39-yard line. On 3rd and 10, they had a bad snap and the ball ended back on their own 46.

With 39 seconds left, it was 4 and 25. Fluharty must of had enough and blew pass the line, sacking the quarterback for a loss.

Calhoun took over, and taking a knee to end the game.

The Middle School Cheerleaders also did an outstanding job at the game. They went non-stop for four quarters cheering on the players and motivating the fans.

There appeared to be a competition between the Calhoun and Ritchie's Cheerleaders on who could be the loudest. Ritchie could not match the enthusiasm of our young ladies.

These are great kids who really know how to have fun. Their smiles and personalities are real, and Calhoun can be very proud of them.