SEE YOU AT THE POLE - Christian Students Will Lead Prayer

By Briana Blankenship

It's tough being a Christian student today. We're forced to make a lot of choices about who we are, and who we're not. We're supposed to be deciding on our future when the present is hard enough to deal with.

We have a lot of dividing lines drawn for us. They're invisible, but we see them clearly every day: the grade we're in, the kind of grades we make, the groups we hang with, the type of music we listen to, the clothes we wear, and even our Christian life. Many are asking, "Where do I belong? Who cares about me? Why don't I fit in?"

See You at the Pole™ isn't about groups, grades, clothes, or churches. It's about praying. It's about all of us laying aside our differences and coming together, for one day, simply to call out to God in prayer, just as Jesus did in John 17.

This is a student initiated, student organized, and student led event, which will not only be happening at our own school, but at several other high-schools across the nation, and even world.

Please join us and our generation of faith, Wednesday morning, September 26, 7:30 a.m. at the Calhoun County Middle-High School. GATHER at our school's flagpole, UNITE in the name of the One who died to save us, and PRAY for our school, friends, and families. COME TOGETHER, just as Jesus prayed we would.

The public is welcome.

SYATP student leaders include Kayla Miller, Briana Blankenship, Stephanie Stacy, Hannah Wilson, Jordan Mace.

Courtesy of Calhoun High School