Kathleen H. Taylor

First, I would like to say congratulations to the Ritchie Rebs for gaining some points this week. I know that losses are hard to swallow. Don't be ashamed of yourselves. You guys are young, believe me, you will have plenty of opportunities to be ashamed of as adults. This advice is coming from someone who's done some shopping in the shame department. So, keep your chins up and remember we are behind you one hundred percent.

Ethan got his WESTEST scores back from the spring. His test scores were all very high. He needs to keep this up in order to get his free ride to Harvard. We are a little behind with the college savings account. Dr. Ethan Taylor, I can see it now. You know what that means for me? It means no more co-pays or hate mail. (that's what we call bills in these parts). The less "hate mail" we get, makes an easier load for our most excellent mail person. That should make him encourage Ethan as well.

I was responsible for the Rainbow Grange's annual scrap book. I got the impression that the deadline was the end of the month. I was incorrect on that assumption. I had a week left to put it all together. Of course, I hadn't started working on it yet. So, I got to learn another lesson in the proper use of my time. I took it to work with me and totally destroyed my office. I had scraps on the floor, glue stuck to everything, clutter on my desk. If the statement is true that says "a cluttered desk is a sign of an intelligent mind", I should be receiving my acceptance letter from Harvard as well. I got it done on time with just a shred of sanity left in my body. However, I didn't have a whole lot to start with, so there wasn't much to lose.

I have been keeping my eye on Betty and Edgel Baker's home. Halloween is approaching. I always wait until Betty starts putting up decorations before I put up mine. It seems she knows everything about decorating and when it is the appropriate time to begin for the upcoming holiday. She is such a role model for those of us that are still at beginner status. It's worth driving to Beason to catch her house at Christmas. She truly knows how to deck the halls.

I still want Kevin Baker's mail box. Apparently, he hasn't read the paper or he would've known my birthday was recently. I was thinking it would've made a nice birthday present. Although some might find it offensive down at my end of the holler.

Did I just say holler? I told myself I would never say that word.

Anyway, I have always been known as the rebel of the family. I guess you can describe me as a female version of Hank Jr. Well, of course without all the equipment. I would like to think I am much prettier too. Anyway, I think this mailbox is appropriate for me. (probably Hank would enjoy it also) For those of you, who haven't seen this fine statue, go to your local fraternity house and I am sure you will find something similar. I find this piece of creativity something David Letterman might enjoy. So, Dave, if for some bizarre reason you're reading this, you need to come to Little Beason and check it out. You might throw some tickets our way just for bringing it to your attention. Just a thought.

Our Boy Scout group is accepting new members. We would love to have some members from Beason! Please contact me if you know of anyone that is interested.

Health and happiness for the upcoming week.