WILDERNESS SURVIVAL WEEKEND SEPT. 29 & 30 - Sponsored By Gilmer County Master Naturalist Association

The Gilmer County Master Naturalist Association is hosting a Wilderness Survival Weekend Saturday and Sunday, September 29 and 30th.

All educators, teachers, and nature lovers are encouraged to attend this weekend.

All day event both days at Cedar Creek State Park Campground. The cost is $22.50 per day or $45 per weekend.

You will receive a letter before the course telling you the specific time and what items to bring with you. You do not have to be a member of the Gilmer County Master Naturalist Program in order to attend this adults only event.

Survival classes offered;

Nature Awareness & Observation - techniques geared to getting in touch with nature and your surrounding. Using your night senses, journal techniques, stalking prey, and nature printing.

Fundamentals of Trapping - animal tracking and signs, primitive trapping and hunting, and constructing different types of traps. No animals will be harmed in this class.

Fishing for survival - improvising equipment, bait collection, fishing spears, and wilderness fishing.

Shelter - finding shelter, building debris huts, bedding, and selecting the proper location for your shelter.

Fire - creating fire with matches, building the proper fire for your situation, and selecting different items to build a fire.

Water Collecting Techniques - locating water, collecting water, filtering and purifying water, using plants to collect water, solar still, and ways of storing water.

Food - Securing food from plants and animals, preparation and cooking of food.

Tools for Survival - making stone tools, cordage, bow drills, techniques for creating, digging sticks, and creating cooking utensils, plates, bowls, spoon, etc.

For more information Contact Bill Church at bill.church@gcmna.com Sheila Ables at 462-5038 Sheila_Ables@yahoo.com or Daniel Reed at Daniel.Reed@gcmna.com

Register early limit is 30 people Printable Registration Form