Community mourns loss of photographer

Introduction: It is difficult to imagine the absence of Sidney Boggs from the Roane County landscape. He found his niche in the world taking photographs and being a friend to everyone who crossed his path.

By David Hedges Publisher

He had no immediate family, but Sidney Boggs had an unlimited number of friends.

The 59-year-old Spencer man who died Friday after a year-long battle with cancer was remembered by everyone as someone who was loved by all.

The freelance photographer who took many photos for this newspaper was especially known for his love of high school sports and the students who participated.

"Sidney was a caring person," Spencer Newspapers Editor Jim Cooper said. "He cared for his friends, of which he had many, and he cared for his community. In his eyes, Roane County people were the best, and Roane County was the best."

Boggs had no siblings and never married or had any children, except for all those in the local school system, most of whom knew him by name.

"To a lot of people, Sidney was the face of the newspaper," Cooper said. "He was the one they saw, whether it was at a ball game, graduation, or the Black Walnut Festival.

"Not only did he do a good job covering those events with his camera, he always managed to make a new friend or two along the way. He was a tremendous asset for the newspaper, and the community, and we will miss him greatly."

Several past and present Roane County coaches served as pallbearers at his funeral.

Among those was current Roane County High School football coach Tom Hardman.

"Sidney was a true supporter of our program, of all our programs," Hardman said.

"He was always encouraging the kids, and the coaches," Hardman said. "Whatever happened yesterday didn't matter. He was always looking forward to the next game."

Former RCHS coach and athletic director Jim Hamric said Boggs was never a threat to anyone.

"Sidney was just everybody's friend," Hamric said.

Boggs made his first run at elected office in 2005, when he won a seat on Spencer City Council.

Spencer Mayor Terry Williams, who delivered his eulogy Tuesday, said Boggs could never be replaced.

"Sidney was a very positive person, and a very community-minded person," Williams said. "He loved the people in his community and we'll never have another one like him."

RCHS athletic director Don Williams knew Boggs both from his role as a coach and as a fellow city council member.

"I always thought Sidney was a special person," Williams said.

"As a coach, you couldn't have asked for anyone who was more in your corner than Sidney," he said. "And I don't know if you will come across a person who cared any more about kids.

"I can't even begin to fathom how much Sidney Boggs will be missed in this community," he said.

Williams said Friday night would be designated as "Sidney Boggs Night" at Roane County High School when the Raiders host visiting Webster County.