By Janet Siers

Since I've attended the Bluegrass Festival here on the West Fork I've finally got a message regarding Uncle Shirley. He's been in Dallas, Texas for the baptism of his most recent great grandchild. I missed my Bluegrass buddy but am glad that he's doing well and had a good visit with family. Heather brought you some honey from Nettie.

Heather, Ruby, and Heather's father, Robert visited for a few days. We went swimming at Sutton Lake and the next day went to Spencer to visit with Tawni, her man Jerry, her children Tyler, Cameron, and Courtney. We went swimming in the Spencer area and later had a birthday picnic at the Spencer park for Cameron's 9th year.

Cameron's grandfather brought food and presents. It's a nice place to have a family gathering. Ruby fell off the picnic table and it was like seeing something in slow motion. Heather was totally upset but there was no time to do anything. Little girls have to go through those things. She was fine right away.

In the midst of everything that my life entails, care giving and farm work, my back has given me a lot of grief. Blaine King drove me to an appointment with our local Doctor of Chiropractic, Richard Magly at his Nebo office. I feel that I have made the right choice in seeing him. I already feel better. Follow up is next week. My clients here at the shop have only good things to say to say about Richard.

Blaine King and I hung a ceiling fan that I had gotten at Heather's house in October of last year. I'm thankful for his help. Actually I hung it and he was my helper. It's nice to have an overhead fan in the bedroom.

Tawni, Jerry and Tyler spent Labor Day with us. We went swimming at Strange Creek and the water was really cold. I didn't go in as I can regulate the temp by Tawni's reaction to the water. It is a beautiful place and we had a good visit.

Ernest Edgell visited with us for an hour. He left a check for Glendon Davisson for the Prudence Chapel Cemetery.

The old hen is not off the nest. Haven't seen her but everyone else is accounted for. I have faith that I'll see little ones soon.

I would like to thank Susan Conrad for the haircut. It's great.

Everyone have a wonderful week!