Miranda Farmer and her giant cabbage

Arnoldsburg, WV - September 6, 2007. Miranda Farmer, now a fourth grade student of Arnoldsburg Elementary has entered a 22.5 pound cabbage into the 3rd Grade Cabbage Program sponsored by Bonnie's Plant Farm. She now has the opportunity to win $1000 scholarship, which will be given after September 10th.

Miranda is the daughter of Tracie and Roby Farmer of Minnora. When asked how she was able to get the cabbage to grow so big, she said "I just planted it, dad put fertilizer on it, and it just grew." Miranda also said it was very heavy and she could barely lift it when harvested. When asked what can be done with a 22.5 lb cabbage, she replied, it was split between three families, her own and two others.

In the spring a representative from Bonnie's came to Arnoldsburg Elementary and explained the program and gave each 3rd grade student an OS Cross Hybrid Cabbage, to grow over the summer, giving them the chance to enter the competition come fall.

Each state will have a winner, which is chosen through a random drawing by the Agriculture Department or "Ag in the Classroom" representative of the state. After the drawing takes place, the winners' picture will be displayed on the Bonnie's Plant Farm website