MISSING MONEY AT ARNOLDSBURG SCHOOL - County's Five-Year Plan Being Completed

By Bob Weaver

"There is an alleged incident at Arnoldsburg Elementary School involving missing money collected for charity," said Calhoun superintendent Jane Lynch.

The money was discovered missing in March or April, reportedly from a classroom.

"It is under investigation by the State Police," according to Lynch, who said she was unable to comment any further until the investigation is complete.

The actual amount of the missing money was not given.

The Calhoun Board of Education went into executive session last night to discuss personnel issues.

The board was told that some changes in bus routes has caused some concerns with parents, regarding longer bus rides.

Donnie Pitts told the board that most of the problems have corrected themselves, at least in the times getting better.

Pitts told the board he was grateful for additional help the board has given the maintenance department. "We're finally getting caught up with a long list of problems," he said.

Superintendent Jane Lynch told board members the county's Five-Year Strategic Plan will be completed during a meeting next week and is due to the state by September 15th.

The board hired Kelley Houchin as interim Finance Director, since newly employed Melissa Samples resigned after accepting the position.

Additional details of last night's board meeting will follow.