By Janet Siers

I strained the elderberry juice and stored it in a milk jug in the refrigerator. One morning Daddy said, "I think I need your help." He had poured elderberry juice on his corn flakes. He said, "Well it would be just as good as anything else." Seemed like a good point to me. We fed it to the chickens and started over. It was funny.

Finished Glen Siers' twelve quarts of tomato juice and had 4 quarts, 3 1/2 pints for Daddy and I out of the batch. Tomatoes contain lycopene that has anticancer and heart protective effects.

Ray and I enjoyed a visit with Roscoe and Pearl McCune. Roscoe told about his mother giving him a big chicken to take to Oscar Chenoweth's store over on Nicut to get Christmas candy. Roscoe was 11 years old and could hardly carry it. It weighed 23 pounds. He was able to get lots of candy that lasted long after the holidays and he said he had a tough time carrying the candy home.

Pearl talked about her father, Homer Norman, having a store at the mouth of McCune Run over on Beech. Daddy joined in on the story telling, and told about he and his sister Ruth taking a jug to Ottis Brannon's in Minnora to get kerosene. They would take the cork out of the jug. Brannon would put a piece of gum candy in the jug for a stopper. Daddy and Aunt Ruth would eat the candy on the way home. They didn't seem to mind the taste of the kerosene on the candy.

Allicia Davisson stopped by to see us and brought desserts. I served Daddy her blueberry cake. She also brought two pieces of Amish Friendship Bread along with the directions for making it. It was all good.

Blaine King and I worked on replacing a gas cook stove at Delphia's. When it was all over we had managed to move three stoves around. We took one stove out of a trailer and hauled it to Crooked Run. It was a hot day to be working on stoves. That afternoon Delphia's daughter Juanita arrived from Ohio to visit for a few days. She cooked supper, brown beans and cornbread. I had a nice time talking to her. Tyler was home with Daddy.

Hershel Yost brought me another old wide mouth Mason jar to display in the Shop and got a flattop and a shampoo.

Our hen is sitting again and we don't have a clue where she's at. Hope that she hatches them out this time. We should see little chicks around the 10th of September.

This full moon is a Full Lunar Eclipse. East Coast viewers will have had only about 1/2 hour to see it before the sun rises and the moon sets.

I'm in the middle of making apple butter and pie filling these days. Everyone have a wonderful week!