Shelly Moore Capito brings new flag to MHHS

Capito acknowledges longtime scout leader Harold "Kitty" Wilson

A flag raising ceremony was held at Minnie Hamilton Health System Wednesday with the Honorable Shelly Moore Capito presiding over the event.

The current United States flag was lowered by MHHS employees Steve Whited, Brady Whipkey and Matt Kirby, former Boy Scouts.

The tattered flag was presented to Troop 39 Assistant Scout Master, Harold "Kitty" Wilson. Mr. Wilson will ensure the flag will be disposed of properly.

Capito then presented Mr. Wilson with a new Stars and Stripes, saying, on August 1, 2007, this particular flag was flown over the West Virginia State Capital Building in Charleston per her request in honor of Minnie Hamilton Health System.

Ms. Capito took a moment to praise the efforts of MHHS in delivering innovative health care in rural West Virginia. She said she was glad to be back home in West Virginia after her recent trip to Fallujah, Iraq.

The ceremony was concluded with the raising of the new flag. Several MHHS staff observed the moment with their hands over their heart as the former Boy Scouts once again restored the United States flag to its rightful place.

CEO Barbara Lay thanked everyone for attending the ceremony, stating "Minnie Hamilton Health System is always pleased to welcome Ms. Capito to Calhoun County. We are thrilled that this flag has flown over our state's capital. I would like to offer a special thank you to Nancy Bremar for assisting in making these arrangements."