Glenville Police Chief John Moss said yesterday that authorities are looking for John Manis Richards, 43, who apparently fled Grantsville after an arrest warrant was issued.

A warrant for Richards was issued for a July break-in at Hardman's Home Center in Glenville, where thieves took a delivery truck worth $30,000 and $3,200 in building materials and tools.

Police said Richards had been engaged in the construction of outside decks.

Authorities said this was the second time Richards has been connected with stolen merchandise from the Hardman store.

An earlier case accused Richards with the theft of about $13,000 worth of materials from Hardman's and other outlets.

Jeremy Scott Dilgard, 25, of Grantsville, has been issued felony warrants related to the recent crime.

Moss said Richards is driving a maroon colored Mazda truck with a gray stripe and WV plates.

Richards and Dilgard are each charged with two counts of grand larceny and one count of breaking and entering.

"Dilgard said he and Richards took the Hardman truck to Big Bend and unloaded it, then Richards drove the truck to Wood County and parked it with Dilgard's assistance," according to the complaint.

A Hardman's truck driver spotted the stolen truck in Wood County.

Chief Moss said several Calhoun citizens have come forward to help with the investigation.

If anyone has information regarding the case, they are asked to call Chief Moss.

Richards is known for his web site "The Lone Meth Ranger," where he claims to battle the production of the illicit drug in the region.

Richards is well-known to the court system, but more recently a meth case against him was dismissed after Grantsville State Police lost the evidence.