By Janet Siers

August 28th is the Full Sturgeon Moon, Full Green Corn Moon or the Full Grain Moon. Also I will call it The Full Pickled Corn Moon because my pickled corn will be ready to tighten the rings and get to the shelves.

Blaine King was visiting with us the first of the week and I mentioned that every time we used the water here the pump kept kicking on a lot. We went to the basement, put air in the tank and it didn't help. Blaine said that he had the same trouble at Delphia's house. The next day he brought tools and he and I reconstructed the whole thing. It works great now and it took me a while to get use to not hearing all the noise from the pipes jerking around. I worried that everything was just going to break loose. Now everything is calm. Thanks for your help! Later in the week I took a couple of dry wall buckets to his house and filled them with Red Delicious apples. I'm going to freeze pie filling and make apple butter.

Glen Siers brought me different varieties of tomatoes so I could can him a dozen quarts of juice.

When they came to mow the lawn Thursday I put my gum boots on and walked in the creek and picked elderberries for jelly. We started at the same time and I had a five gallon bucket full of berries just about the same time they finished mowing. It was a hot day.

Tyler spent a few days with us. He's good at frying eggs for himself.

Hope you folks down in Texas aren't too water logged and that Hurricane Dean doesn't cause you any more trouble.

Everyone have a wonderful week!