LIGHTNING WREAKS HAVOC AT 911 CENTER - 911 Service Up, Radio Communications Down

Calhoun County's E-911 radio communications is out, following a night of severe lightning storms that swept through the area, according to chief dispatcher Burl Postalwaite.

The center can receive 911 calls, and is currently dispatching emergency services by telephone contact.

The center is expecting to shift dispatch services to the Arnoldsburg Volunteer Fire Department later today, where services will be operated until the main radio system is back up and running.

Postalwaite said the lightning problem apparently was created when it surged through the building from the electric lines. "It did not strike the tower," he said.

The strike has downed servers, computers, radios and other equipment and two repair companies are on scene working on the problems.

"It could be a while before everything is back up and running," said Postalwaite.

This is the second or third time this year a lightning strike has affected the center, coming through power lines.