A new addition to the Herald, the latest news from Beason, Ritchie County by Kathy Robinson-Taylor.

Beason, not unlike Hur, Creston, and Chloe, is lodged somewhere in the hills and hollers of Ritchie County.

You'll discover it's a vibrant, full-of-life place that has lots of comings and goings, personally reported by a transplanted Calhouner.

Kathy Robinson-Taylor is the daughter of Edna Yoak Robinson of Pleasant Hill. She has two older brothers and one older sister and is married to Brian Taylor. She is the mother of two boys, Ethan and Avery.

Kathy moved to Calhoun County at age 13 and graduated Calhoun County High School in 1986.

"I attempted Glenville State College the same year. It is an awesome school, just didn't find the time to go to class," she said.

She has had a lot of interesting jobs: beverage consultant and therapist (bar tender); fashion merchandiser (retail clerk); phlebotomist; domestic engineer (wife) and "the best position ever - a Mom."

Kathy says she received an opportunity to work at Calhoun General Hospital (Minnie Hamilton) and became a phlebotomist. "It was an amazing experience. The staff was definitely top of the line and very helpful," she said.

She worked at the North Carolina Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Following a divorce, she said "I met Brian. I can't say enough good things about him. He is one of those guys that are few and far between. Brian and I got married in 2001 and had Avery in 2002."

They currently live on the family farm in Beason, and Kathy has a tanning bed business in Harrisville.

She admits "I didn't get those Yoak family farming genes."

Kathy writes a column for the Pennsboro News. "The former writer quit and I suddenly found what made me happy. A little article in a small town paper. This column I write is centered on the Beason community and includes events such as reunions, church news and things I observe during the week."

"I add a lot of humor because I can't stand reading the same old boring stuff."

"I have developed a following over the last two years and it's very inspirational. My readers never know what to expect, but always end up with a smile or good laugh."

"After all the jobs I have had in my 30 some years, being a mother and writer are on the top of my list."

"Although I live in Ritchie County, Calhoun County is where I call home."

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