CHLOE STORE ESTABLISHED IN 1873 - Knotts-Mollohan Building Still In Use


Likely operated by Robert P. Mollohan and his
brother-in-law E. C. Knotts. Robert P. Mollohan
was Congressman Alan Mollohan's grandfather
(Photo compliments of Glenn Siers)

The Knotts and Mollohan Store was established about 1873.

A brief history written by Robert P. Mollohan said his father Perry Mollohan (1845-1898) and R. J. Chenoweth established the first general store ten miles above Arnoldsburg.

The next closest store was at Newton in Roane County, another at Servia in Braxton County.

Marlene Potasnik said her father, Lambert Cooper, worked in the store about 1905, a close friend of Robert P. Mollohan.

During that time he met Rebecca Mollohan, a cousin of Robert's from Nebo, Clay County, they were married July 4, 1906. They resided in Nebo "Where my 12 siblings and I were born," wrote Potasnik.

Later the store was Mollohan and Knotts, and is still the same store building selling general merchandise and hardware at Chloe.