By Janet Siers

Daddy and I were sitting on the bench out at the chicken house Wednesday late afternoon and a car drove down the driveway. It was a surprise visit from Heather and Ruby. We had a nice visit and drove to Spencer to see Tawni and the kids for a long while taking pictures while we visited. On to Wall-Mart for supplies and then home. Ruby turned on the CD player and we clogged a little. I told Heather she would be my little Bluegrass partner.

Glen Siers dropped off pictures of Chloe Hardware taken in the late 1800's for me to copy and was happy to see Heather and Ruby. He gave Ruby a dollar.

I was so happy to get green beans to can. Susan Conrad picked them and her husband Butch left them on the front porch. I had 18 quarts and a good mess of green beans and potatoes and corn on the cob. Thanks you so much!

Jason Peck brought us 2 bushels of corn Sunday. I pickled 18 quarts on Monday. Blaine King stopped by that morning and I needed to shuck corn. I laid a sheet down on the living room floor. Since I didn't want us to be in the heat, Daddy, Blaine, and I shucked the corn and we pulled the sheet full of corn husk together, tied it, and Blaine hauled it to the horses he feeds over on Nicut. Jason has corn, tomatoes, and six different varieties of hot peppers call his mother Linda Peck at 354-7100.

Janette Richards, Mother's Home Health Caregiver, visited with us Monday evening. It was so good to see her. She hasn't been in this area for a long time and had a client on Walker and was able to stop by. Daddy knew who she was with no problem. She came here for Mother over 13 years and is part of the family.

My Aunt Orma's daughter Wanda and her husband Doc visited with us Friday morning. Wanda walked up to Daddy, hugged him and said, "You don't don't know me, but I know you." I had to string beans and Wanda said well I'll just string beans with you. Jason Peck was here and also helped with the beans. Daddy and Doc kept us good company.

I was thinking Uncle Shirley would be here shortly and would probably see them at the Bluegrass Festival later on. I didn't make it that evening but the next day I finished off the beans and around 6:30 p.m. I walked almost to the Community Center when Kelly of the Nelly's Store picked me up. Doc, Wanda, and I had a good visit where they had their camper parked and listened to the music. her and Doc had driven to Spencer for a pair of shoes she could dance in. She told me she hadn't danced for twenty years. We danced and Doc took pictures for Wanda's girls. Doc fixed us hot dogs on a stick over the fire he had brought wood for. It was a cousin reunion. This was the first time I had ever seen the fireworks and they were beautiful!

Everyone have a wonderful week!