By Janet Siers

Attending the Siers/Sears reunion were Dalton and Linda Siers, David and Delorse Siers, Charlotte Siers Westfall, Leo and Sandra Siers Murphy, Danny and Theresa Siers, Mavis Siers Hoover, Bonnie Hoover Flick, Ruth Siers Cottrell, Anna Lea Siers Walker, Levi and Janice Parsons, Roy and Lenna Nutter, Carl and Frank Deweese, Carol Siers, Bill Tripplet, Tom Siers, Glen Siers, Inez Carr, Linda Boggs, Edgar Weekly, Scott and Gaye Bailey.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and the good food. Sorry I was unable to join you this year and my sympathies to hear of Rector Siers' death on Sunday. Rector was the son of the late Leon and Freda Siers. Thanks for your help Charlotte and I'm sorry I didn't make it this year.

Blaine King and I visited with Junior Boggs over on the White Oak way at the mouth of Two Lick and made plans to collect 25 chickens that he had bought from Junior. We went home and put a wood frame in the back of the truck and stapled wire over it, with the tail gate to be to door. That evening Junior and his wife handed them out and we threw them in the truck.

When we got them to the chicken house and unloaded them, they were calm and all went to the rooster all in rows. Australorp/Black is the breed which was developed in Australia. They have intense beetle-green sheen, dark eyes, deep bodies and one of the best dual-purpose fowls, having gained attention in the 1930's and 40's. Good egg producers and hold the world's record for egg production with one hen having laid 364 eggs in 365 days under official Australian trapnest testing. It was fun.

Sharon Siers Radabaugh e-mailed me. Ermine Siers was her father, and she tells me that Blaine King is her uncle through Ressie Allen.

Heather was wore out from her week with Ben on the road. They saw lots of corn and soy beans.

On the West Fork where people blow their horns and wave. Have a wonderful week!