By Janet Siers

Alicia Davisson visited with us after being on trips to Florida. Her Mother and niece Jennifer came back with her and Glendon to spend time here on Sears Run and they returned them home to Florida after a good visit. It's always good to see Alicia.

I fixed bacon one morning and was going to fry Daddy and Tyler some eggs but was out. Blaine King came by a little later with those wonderful home grown eggs. We all just love them. Tyler worked for Blaine cleaning out the chicken house one afternoon. He did well. After that he run the tiller through what garden I have. Good to see a l4 year old want to work.

Canning tomatoes and what a wonderful thing. I told Daddy I didn't know what we would do without tomatoes in the winter. I'm happy to have two bushel from Ohio that will get us through along with tomatoes out of the garden.

I rode to the store with Missy Bosewell, Whitney, and Josh one evening and I had my arm out the window when something hit my wrist and I pulled my hand back in the truck. Whitney said, "Why did you jerk you arm back in?" I said ,"Something it my wrist." Josh was in the back of the truck, Missy and Whitney in the front. When I returned from the store Josh was in front and said that I bounced a bat into the back of the truck. It was funny. It thought to myself that was a low flying bat. We need them.

My daughter Heather and her husband Ben are on a week of trucking together. She called on their way to Green Bay, Wis and who knows where else the week will take them. Ben travels 3,000 miles per week and it's a good thing that Heather can enjoy time with him and enjoy an America that she doesn't see. Ruby is in Faytteville with Heather's Aunt Carol and Uncle James and is doing fine.

Arletta Conley came by for a hair cut. She and Deloris Jarvis Bias attended their recent class reunion and had a great time. Arletta said it was good to see old classmates.

Daddy is feeling feeling better after not feeling well for a week weeks. I think that having Tyler here is helpful. Keeps Ray on his toes wondering what he's dong. He's doing alright.

Elderberry time. I love the jelly.

Aunt Verba always called a Rose of Sharon and a Dog Day Bush and it blooms then, along with Sweet William and Naked Ladies.

I'm looking forward to attending the Siers, Sears reunion.

Have a wonderful week!