By Bob Weaver

"I have no regrets," said Department of Health and Human Services employee Mary Reed, who retired this week after 32 years with the Grantsville office.

About 20 of those years Reed was the front desk person who helped walk-ins and answered the phone at the Main Street office.

"I answered nice calls and nasty calls," Reed said, "but I was always intent on trying to help everyone."

"Every job has its ups and downs. You've got to have a soft heart to do the job. I never thought I'd be here this long," she said.

The local office gave Mary a retirement party this week. "They had a cake and gifts and even some of our clients came in to say goodbye. This has been like my family, and I'll miss them, but I'm ready to retire," she said.

Mary said the most difficult time for her during the past 32 years was the recent death of her boss Jim Morford, who died tragically.

"I know he had problems and faults, like we all do. He was a good boss," she said.

Pointing to a "painful lump" in her throat, she said the hardest thing has been losing Jim. There is an empty place."

Mary has a son, three grandchildren and a mother who is still living.

"I plan on spending time with them and taking my mom to Texas to visit her sister," she said.

"I'll miss my co-workers and the public," she concluded.