By Bob Weaver

A hearing for former Calhoun County Deputy Sheriff Ron Bandy has been scheduled for 10 a.m. Thursday in Calhoun Circuit Court.

Bandy has been charged with eight counts: one count of grand larceny, three counts of burglary, three counts of conspiracy, all felonies, and one misdemeanor count for destruction of property, although one of those charges could have been changed.

The case was brought by the WV State Police against officer Bandy for his alleged part in entering and removing property from an elderly Big Springs couple who had been placed in a nursing home.

Thursday is a pre-trial hearing for setting his trial, according to the court docket.

Earlier, special prosecutor Jerry Hough asked the court to drop the case against Bandy, but Judge Thomas Evans III declined, saying he believed public interest needs to be served with due process.

At the time of the request, Hough cited several problems with the case, including getting evidence tapes from Cpl. Doug Starcher of the State Police.

Judge Evans told Hough he would work on getting the evidence, if there was a problem.

Bandy's former girlfriend April McCroskey had been indicted on the same charges, but all were dropped by prosecutor Hough.

Hough attempted to get a change of venue in the McCroskey case, in part blaming problems created by the Hur Herald reporting about the case. Judge Evans declined the request, advising Hough it was up to the defense attorney to request a change of venue.

The Herald maintains it only published basic information about the case, public records, and procedural junctures.

McCroskey was charged with trespassing and fined $100.