Calhoun Circuit Court has a lengthy docket today in Grantsville, with Judge David Nibert presiding, with cases continuing Tuesday with Judge Thomas Evans III.

- State vs. George Nicholas Parsons, pre-trial, John Oshoway counselor

- State vs. Gary Paul Ferrell, pretrial, Ernie Skaggs counselor

- State vs. James M. Jones, sentencing, Kevin Postalwait counselor

- State vs. Stephen M. Buvoltz, pre-trial, Rocky Holmes counselor

- State vs. James Blankenship, disposition/sentencing, Tony Morgan counselor

- Civil: Duncan vs. Foley, bench trial

- Civil: Johnson vs. Dream Home Community Development, bench trial

- Civil: Calhoun Sheriff's Dept. vs. 67 acres belonging to Andrew and Catherine Snider, hearing on motions, Jennifer Edelman counselor

- Civil: Ross et al vs. Marathon, status/motion for extension of time, counselors Matt Casto, Albert Dunn, others

- Thomas Ullum vs. Walker Well, counselors Loren Howley/Ira Haught