A natural gas explosion blew siding and windows from Bull River house

Natural gas filled a Bull River house yesterday, igniting, exploding and rocking the area about two miles off State Rt. 5.

Siding from the building was strewn in the area, with the walls bulging out.

Walls of house were bulging following blast

Fortunately, no one was in the building, which had a rental sign on the front yard.

Brandon Deel, who lives two houses from the building, said the explosion rocked the area.

The structure is owned by Otis and Jean Miller, who live next door to the damaged house. They were not at home at the time.

Deel said "I ran to the house and hooked up a garden hose to put out a fire," which erupted after the blast.

"It sure shook the valley," he said.

When the Grantsville Fire Department arrived, things had settled down.

Sheriff Carl Ballengee and Deputy Justin Metheney responded to the explosion with Calhoun EMS.