GETTIN' DOWN AND DIRTY - Rattlesnake Mug Boggin'


"It's in pretty deep"

Mud boys gather on remote Rattlesnake Ridge

The mud hole gets deeper and deeper with each try

Climbing into the muck to hook the chain

Photos by Chet Dowell
By Bob Weaver 2007

Mud bogg'in with ATVs and trucks is one of Calhoun's favorite recreational pastimes.

For readers who live on concrete, here's the deal.

The activity requires some good red clay mud, adequately watered, some ruts in the road and a motorized machine.

Calhoun has a more than adequate supply of good mud.

The object is to see what machine can get through the pit without getting hung-up.

Much of the fun is actually getting down and dirty, and getting hung-up machines out of the mud bog, a group activity.

There are generally no prizes or awards for success, just a lot of bragging about who is best.

If you wonder about stuff getting torn-up, it does. It's just part of the price of being a participant.

Rattlesnake Knob is on private property.

"I think I can. I think I can"

Time-out for a little break from the action