Special prosecutor Jerry Hough moved Tuesday in Calhoun Circuit Court to drop multiple felony charges against Grantsville DHHR worker April McCroskey.

McCroskey had pled not guilty to one count of grand larceny, three counts of burglary, three counts of conspiracy, all felonies, and one misdemeanor count for destruction of property.

The case was assembled by a special investigator from the WV State Police.

A jury trial had been scheduled to hear the McCroskey case Tuesday before Judge Thomas Evans III, but the trial was called off.

McCroskey was found guilty of trespassing, which has a $100 fine and court costs.

The charges sprung from one or more incidents related to alleged removal of items from the residence of an an elderly Calhoun couple who had been placed in a nursing home.

McCroskey had some jurisdiction over the elderly couple with her position at DHHR.

McCroskey and her former boyfriend Chief Deputy Ron Bandy, were issued identical charges by a Calhoun grand jury.

Prosecutor Hough told the court during an earlier hearing that McCroskey "conspired with Bandy for treasure," indicating it was for her personal gain. Then he went on to indicate there could be a problem with McCroskey over her intent to commit a crime, in that she returned items, although the prosecutor said she had felonious motive.

Deputy Bandy's case is yet to be resolved, after Judge Thomas Evans III denied prosecutor's Hough's request to "divert" or essentially drop the charges against Bandy.