By Janet Siers

Ariah Dawn Fowler had her 6th birthday on July 12 and celebrated it on Saturday July 14th. Those attending her party at her home on Walker were her parents Todd and Genie Bailey, grand-mother Wanda Richards, Bill Heater, Trenton and Cole Anderson from Arnoldsburg, Adam, Angela, and Mackenzie Bailey, Roger Bailey, Grandpa Glen Sears, Matt and Kim Boso from Akron, Ohio (Kim is Wanda's daughter and Ariah's aunt), Lisa Monk and her daughter Alexandria and Lisa's better half Jessie. Lisa is an airline flight attendant and Jessie is a pilot. Continuing on Janet Siers, cousins Bert and Ervin King from Hartville, Ohio, Ervin's granddaughters Sandy and Jade, cousin Charles Haverty and his son Ronnie, Ali, and children Isabelle, Thomas, Virginia, and baby Jack. What a beautiful day, lots of sunshine and blue skies, and good food, hot dogs, macaroni salad, baked beans, cole slaw, and all the trimming's. Kim made a great Napa cabbage salad and Wanda made a rack of B.B.Q. ribs. Ariah's cake was pretty, decorated with faries. What a great day!

While I was on Walker Blaine King visited with Ray Siers and he brought us peppers, squash, and me a pair of garden gloves. Thanks, I don't believe I've ever had a pair and by the way your hot sauce is very good, Blaine. Also on the same day another good neighbor dropped by cabbage and broccoli. So Sunday I froze peppers, broccoli and yellow squash.

Ernest Edgell and wife Judy arrived Sunday morning. Their plan was to take us to Pizza Hut in Flatwoods for dinner. Daddy showered, shaved, I cut his hair and parted in the middle. He wore his new blue jeans and boots that Uncle Shirley brought some time back. I didn't really want to go so I stayed and worked up some produce. When they returned Judy had gotten me a nice top at the Dress Barn. I love it. Also two pieces of pizza. They spent the night and left the next morning after coffee.

The lawn was mowed for the first time in well over a month. It sure helps my outlook.

Jason Peck and his son Nathan visited with Ray Siers and I Thursday. Jason is Ermond Siers' grandson who lives in Stumptown. He brought us a bag of cucumbers. When I went into the living room there was no one there. Daddy and Jason were in the garden pulling weeds. Nathan went fishing and I joined in with the weed pulling. Daddy and I had never met them. Evidently those weeds were brothering him. Ray and I are thankful for the great help. That makes me feel better.

The old hen has come off the nest but no chicks to be seen. I thought it odd she picked down by the creek. The coons in this country are healthy.

Thank you for your e-mails.

Everyone have a wonderful week!